Window Coverings

To see? Or not to see?

See the Options

The laser viewing window displays built into PHOTON1’s walls demonstrate window blocks, roller shades, and laser safe acrylic viewing windows.

Roller Shades

An interlocked roller shade with a clutch-driven mechanism shows this capability. Roller shades are often used on exterior-facing windows but may be used on interior doors or interior arcade windows.  Large roller shades can be fitted around an optical table – ask us how!

Windows Blocks

We demonstrate a FLEX-GUARD™ window block with both magnet and Velcro® type fasteners.  Window blocks are the simplest, and lowest cost, method of providing protection from stray laser radiation when windows in a wall or door are within the Nominal Hazard Zone.

Viewing Windows

We installed in a third window inside the van – a semi-transparent and laser safe viewing window fabricated from cast acrylic sheet.  These viewing windows are an excellent choice when personnel need to see what is happening in the laser environment while the laser is operating.