Laser Eyewear

Try them on, compare the filters, explore the technologies.

Hundreds of Options

PHOTON1 carries 50 pairs of finished laser safety glasses as well as the components that make up our extensive line of laser eyewear including 30 different frame styles and 40 of our most popular laser filters.

Try a Few On

Work with our experts to find the perfect fit. We have sporty wraps, classic spectacles, lab style goggles, fit-overs, Rx adapters – laser safety can be stylish, comfortable, and practical.

Compare Filters

Explore our mobile laser lab while wearing different laser safety glasses.  You can quickly get a feel for how your world might look when viewed through our state-of-the-art laser safety filters.

Technology at Work

We demonstrate the newest filter options and show you how we combine technologies to achieve laser eye protection that allows you to see your work.