Laser Accessories

Really Cool Laser Lab Tools

The optical display areas in PHOTON1 feature both enclosed and open (but protected!) laser work areas in which we demonstrate many of Kentek’s accessories:

  • Zap-It® Laser Alignment Paper is burned with our laser in real time. We will show you how to use Zap-It®.  Samples are available.
  • View-It® Infrared Viewers show how what is invisible can become visible, and therefore safer. You will be amazed at the beam resolution we can achieve under very low power.
  • Power Meters from Gentec-EO reveal how easy it is to get accurate power and energy readings. Hand-held and benchtop models are on display.
  • Trap-It™ Beam Dumps of all shapes and sizes are mounted to our tables. We have both water-cooled and air-cooled.  Ask about the “infinitely inward reflection” design of our dual cone models.