Laser Room Safety Interlock System

Push Our Buttons

Our ENTRY-GUARD™ laser safety interlock system (SIS) is mounted on the wall in PHOTON1 and is fully functional. Connected to multiple switches and controls, the main panel manages access to the enclosed laser display in our showroom vehicle.

Stay In Control

The interlocks on the laser curtains and the roller shades installed in our mobile laser laboratory are operational.  The laser, the laser shutter, the enclosure interlock, and two lighted signs are controlled by the main panel of our interlock system.

Design Your System

Customers can explore how the many components and options available with our ENTRY-GUARD™ system might work in their environment. The laser safety system aboard PHOTON1 includes remote entry request, a keypad, our innovative laser by-pass key switch, and emergency stop buttons.  Our experts will show you how everything works and discuss the many built-in options that allow you to create a custom setup using our robust technology.